Common Grasshopper-warbler

Scientific name : Locustella naevia
Other names: Български: Полски цвъркач , Brezhoneg: Fouin-skrilh , Català: Boscaler pintat gros , Česky: Cvrčilka zelená , Dansk: Græshoppesanger , Deutsch: Feldschwirl , Esperanto: Makula grilbirdo , Español: Buscarla pintoja , Eesti: Võsa-ritsiklind , Basque: Benarriz nabar , Suomi: Pensassirkkalintu , Français: Locustelle tachetée , Magyar: Réti tücsökmadár , Lietuviškai: Margasis žiogelis , Latviešu: Kārklu ķauķis , Nederlands: Sprinkhaanzanger , Norsk (nynorsk): Grashoppesongar , Norsk: Gresshoppesanger , Polski: Świerszczak zwyczajny , Português: Felosa-malhada , Русский: Обыкновенный сверчок , Svenska: Gräshoppsångare , Türkçe: Çekirge kamışçını

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Short Description

Its upper side is olive-brown striped and its underside is a yellow-white color. The slim bird has reddish-brown legs and a wedge-shaped tail.


Common Grasshopper-warbler
Common Grasshopper-warbler


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