Anemone Cup

Scientific name : Sclerotinia tuberosa
Other names: Deutsch: Anemonenbecherling , Français: Sclérotinie tubéreuse , Latviešu: bumbuļu sklerocīnija , Nederlands: Anemonenbekerzwam , Slovenský: Hľuznatka veternicová

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Fruit Body 0,5-2cm wide; challis to bowl shaped, long stipe, arises from a black little tuber (sclerotium); red brown; Stipe approx. 2-5cm long, hairy, mostly underneath; sclerotium approx. 1cm wide. Flesh Brownish, in sclerotium whiteish; tough-elastic; smell and taste neutral. ...
Author: Dr. Ewald Gerhardt


Anemone Cup


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