Abaco Barb

Breed name : Abaco Barb
Other names: Deutsch: Abaco Wildpferd , Español: Caballo Abaco salvaje , Suomi: Berberihevonen , Français: Barbe d’Abaco , Magyar: Berber ló , 日本語: バルブ種 , Latviešu: Barbs , Nederlands: Berber , Norsk: Berberhest , Polski: Koń berberyjski , Português: Cavalo Selvagem de Ábaco , Svenska: Berberhäst

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Short Description

The Abaco Wild Horse lives on the islands of the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, and is a descended of the Iberian horses that were brought to the islands by Spanish settlers. The clearing of the protective forests later caused ...


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