Exmoor Pony

Breed name : Exmoor Pony
Other names: Deutsch: Exmoor-Pony , Español: Exmoor Pony , Suomi: Exmoorinponi , Français: Exmoor Pony , Latviešu: Eksmūras ponijs , Nederlands: Exmoorpony , Norsk: Exmoorponni , Polski: Kuc Exmoor , Português: Exmoor , Русский: Эксмурский пони , Svenska: Exmoorponny

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Short Description

The Exmoor Pony is the oldest British Pony breed, and is native to the heathlands in Exmoor. The breed is said to originate from the wild horses of the Ice Age and was probably brought to England by the Celts ...


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