Denseflower Mullein

Scientific name : Verbascum densiflorum
Other names: Česky: Divizna velkokvětá , Deutsch: Großblütige Königskerze , Español: Gordolobo , Eesti: Kõrge vägihein , Français: Molène à fleurs denses , Italiano: Fiore grande verbasco , Lietuviškai: Didžiažiedė tūbė , Latviešu: Blīvziedu deviņvīruspēks , Nederlands: Stalkaars , Polski: Dziewanna wielkokwiatowa , Português: De flor grande mullein , Русский: Коровяк высокий , Slovensky: Divozel veľkokvetý , Svenska: Ölandskungsljus

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In the old days, dense-flowered mullein was used in kitchen gardens as a charm against lightning. The fragrance and light flavor of this type of mullein is similar to honey because of its flowers that contain flavonoids, mucilage, saponins, and ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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