Clover (Common)

Scientific name : Trifolium pratense
Other names: Български: Червена детелина , Česky: Jetel luční , Dansk: Rød-Kløver , Deutsch: Wiesen-Klee , Esperanto: Ruĝa trifolio , Español: Trébol rojo , Eesti: Aasristik , Suomi: Puna-apila , Français: Trèfle des prés , Italiano: Trifoglio dei prati , 日本語: ムラサキツメクサ , Lietuviškai: Raudonasis dobilas , Latviešu: Pļavas āboliņš , Nederlands: Rode klaver , Norsk: Rødkløver , Polski: Koniczyna łąkowa , Português: Meadow Knotweed , Русский: Клевер луговой , Svenska: Rödklöver , Türkçe: Çayır üçgülü

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The flower heads contain an essential oil with various compononents and flavonoids. Tradtionally, red clover has been used in medicines for whooping cough and chronic skin diseases. For a cough, a home remedy is recommended (4-6 dried flower heads per ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Clover (Common)
Clover (Common)


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