Crack Willow

Scientific name : Salix fragilis
Other names: Česky: Vrba křehká , Deutsch: Bruch-Weide , Español: Mimbrera frágil , Eesti: Rabe remmelgas , Suomi: Salava, piilipuu , Français: Saule fragile , Italiano: Salice fragile , Lietuviškai: Trapusis gluosnis , Latviešu: Trauslais vītols , Nederlands: Kraakwilg , Polski: Wierzba krucha , Português: Salgueiro frágil , Русский: Ива ломкая , Slovensky: Vŕba krehká , Svenska: Knäckepil , Türkçe: Gevrek söğüt

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Willow bark contains tannins and various phenolic glycosides, including salicin, which is chemically similar to the main active ingredient in aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). Salicylic acid is considered to be antipyretic and an inflammatory painkiller. An infusion is recommended for neuralgia ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Crack Willow
Crack Willow


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