Scientific name : Pimpinella anisum
Other names: Български: Анасон , Bosanski: Anis , Català: Anís , Česky: Bedrník anýz , Deutsch: Anis , Esperanto: Anizo , Español: Anís , Suomi: Anisruoho , Français: Anis , Hrvatski: Anis , Magyar: Ánizs , Italiano: Anice , 日本語: アニス , Lëtzebuergesch: Anäis , Lietuviškai: Anyžinė ožiažolė , Nederlands: Anijs , Norsk: Anis , Polski: Biedrzeniec Anyż , Português: Anis , Română: Anason , Русский: Анис , Slovenščina: Janež , Svenska: Anis , Türkçe: Anason

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A native plant to the eastern Mediterranean region, anise is rarely found growing in the wild but is common in common in garden culture. The dark brown, teardrop-shaped fruit of the plant contain an essential oil with the main flavor ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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