Norway Spruce

Scientific name : Picea abies
Other names: Bosanski: Smreka i/ili Smrča , Česky: Smrk ztepilý , Dansk: Rødgran , Deutsch: Fichte (Gemeine) , Esperanto: Ordinara piceo , Español: Pícea común , Eesti: Harilik kuusk , Suomi: Metsäkuusi , Français: Épicéa commun , Hrvatski: Smreka , Magyar: Lucfenyő , Italiano: Abete rosso , 日本語: オウシュウトウヒ , Lietuviškai: Paprastoji eglė , Latviešu: Parastā egle , Nederlands: Fijnspar , Norsk (nynorsk): Gran , Norsk: Gran , Polski: Świerk pospolity , Română: Molid , Русский: Ель обыкновенная, или европейская , Slovensky: Smrek obyčajný , Svenska: Gran , Türkçe: Avrupa ladini

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Originally, the Norway Spruce was the only pine in the taiga, or boreal forest, to push its boundary into the Black Forest. In forest cultivation, this type of spruce has popped up nearly everywhere in Europe. Resin from the tree ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce


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