Water Mint

Scientific name : Mentha aquatica
Other names: Deutsch: Wasserminze , Eesti: Vesimünt , Suomi: Vesiminttu , Français: Menthe aquatique , Magyar: vízi menta, balzsamka , Lietuviškai: Vandeninė mėta , Latviešu: Ūdens mētra , Română: izma broastei , Русский: Мята водная , Svenska: Vattenmynta , Türkçe: Su nanesi

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Water mint contains a very aromatic essential oil that contains menthol, peppermint, and menthofuran. An infusion can be used to stimulate the appetite (1-2 teaspoons dried crushed herb per one cup of water, let stand for 5 minutes). Water mint ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Water Mint
Water Mint


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