Melilot (Common)

Scientific name : Melilotus officinalis
Other names: Česky: Komonice lékařská , Deutsch: Gelber Steinklee , Eesti: Kollane mesikas , Suomi: Rohtomesikkä , Français: Mélilot officinal ou mélilot jaune , Lietuviškai: Geltonžiedis barkūnas , Latviešu: Ārstniecības amoliņš , Nederlands: Citroengele honingklaver , Русский: Донник лекарственный , Svenska: Gul sötväppling , Türkçe: Sarı taş yoncası

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Melilot contains many active ingredients, including Melilotin. Medicinally, the plant is often found in finished products such as ointments and liniments to treat painful vein diseases and for the prevention of thrombosis. In homeopathy the plant is used against persistent ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Melilot (Common)


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