Creeping Jenny

Scientific name : Lysimachia nummularia
Other names: Deutsch: Pfennigkraut , Eesti: Roomav metsvits , Suomi: Suikeroalpi , Français: Lysimaque nummulaire , Lietuviškai: Šliaužiančioji šilingė , Latviešu: Pļavas zeltene , Русский: Вербейних монетный , Svenska: Penningblad , Türkçe: Karga otu

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All parts of Moneywort contain tannins and triterpenoid, and were used in traditional medicine to treat coughs and diarrhea. Today, homeopathy occasionally uses the plant for rheumatic complaints, eczema, and wound care.
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Creeping Jenny


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