St John's Wort

Scientific name : Hypericum perforatum
Other names: Česky: Třezalka tečkovaná , Dansk: Prikbladet Perikon , Deutsch: Johanniskraut (Echtes) , Eesti: Liht-naistepuna , Suomi: Mäkikuisma , Français: Millepertuis perforé , Magyar: közönséges orbáncfű, lyukaslevelű orbáncfű, orbáncfű , Lietuviškai: Paprastoji jonažolė , Latviešu: Divšķautņu asinszāle , Nederlands: Sint-janskruid , Norsk: Prikkperikum , Polski: Dziurawiec , Português: Erva-de-são-joão , Română: Sunătoare , Русский: Зверобой продырявленный , Svenska: Johannesört , Türkçe: Binbirdelik otu

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St John’s Wort contains the red-pigmented hypericin, which is known to cause sensitivity to light in some people (“light disease”). The herb is increasingly used to help with nervous restlessness and moderate depression, for which an infusion can be taken ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


St John's Wort
St John's Wort


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