Hop (Common)

Scientific name : Humulus lupulus
Other names: Deutsch: Hopfen (Echter) , Eesti: Harilik humal , Suomi: Humala , Français: Houblon , Lietuviškai: Paprastasis apynys , Latviešu: Parastais apinis , Português: Lúpulo , Русский: Хмель обыкновенный , Svenska: Humle , Türkçe: Şerbetçi otu

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The female flowers are arranged in cone-like spikes. There are golden yellow resin glands located inside the bracts that produce the hops that have been used since the Middle Ages to round off the flavor of beer. A hop garden ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Hop (Common)
Hop (Common)


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