Lady's Bedstraw

Scientific name : Galium verum
Other names: Català: Quallallet , Dansk: Gul Snerre , Deutsch: Labkraut (Echtes) , Eesti: Hobumadar , Suomi: Keltamatara , Français: Gaillet jaune , Magyar: Tejoltó galaj , Italiano: Caglio zolfino , Lietuviškai: Tikrasis lipikas , Latviešu: Īstā madara , Nederlands: Geel walstro , Norsk: Gulmaure , Polski: Przytulia właściwa , Русский: Подмаренник настоящий , Slovenský: Lipkavec syridlový , Svenska: Gulmåra , Türkçe: Sarı yoğurt otu

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Lady’s Bedstraw was commonly used as a traditional medicinal herb against swollen ankles and as a diuretic for urinary tract infections. A home brew can be made with 1-2 teaspoons of the crushed herb per one cup of water, let ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Lady's Bedstraw
Lady's Bedstraw


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