Scientific name : Euphrasia rostkoviana
Other names: Česky: Světlík lékařský , Deutsch: Augentrost , Español: Eufrasia , Eesti: Aas-silmarohi , Français: Euphraise de Rostkov , Magyar: Orvosi szemvidító , Italiano: Eufrasia officinale , Lietuviškai: Pievinė akišveitė , Latviešu: Rostkova žibulītis , Nederlands: Beklierde ogentroost , Polski: Świetlik łąkowy , Русский: Очанка Ростковиуса , Slovenský: Očianka Rostkovova , Slovenščina: navadna smetlika , Svenska: Ögontröst

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The traditional use of eyebright is probably linked to the appearance of the flower: the bright yellow eyespot, with fine, dark lines “ciliated.” It was soon discovered that eyebright could be used for eye ailments. To treat conjunctivitis and blepharitis, ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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