Foxglove (Common)

Scientific name : Digitalis purpurea
Other names: Català: Didalera, Digital , Česky: Náprstník červený , Deutsch: Roter Fingerhut , Esperanto: Purpura digitalo , Español: Digital , Eesti: Verev sõrmkübar , Suomi: Rohtosormustinkukka , Français: Digitale pourpre , Lietuviškai: Paprastoji rusmenė , Latviešu: Sarkanā uzpirkstīte , Nederlands: Vingerhoedskruid , Norsk: Revebjelle , Português: Dedaleira , Русский: Наперстянка пурпурная , Svenska: Fingerborgsblomma , Türkçe: Yüksük otu

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All parts of the plant contain numerous cardio active glycosides that can cause cardiac weaknesses. Foxglove is not suitable for self-medicating due to its toxicity. If consumed, the bitter tasting leaves lead to vomiting, sensory disturbances, irregular respiration, and heart ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Foxglove (Common)


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