Cabbage Thistle

Scientific name : Cirsium oleraceum
Other names: Česky: Pcháč zelinný , Deutsch: Kohldistel , Eesti: Seaohakas , Suomi: Keltaohdake , Français: Cirse maraîcher , Italiano: Cardo giallastro , Lietuviškai: Gelsvalapė usnis , Latviešu: Lēdzerkste , Nederlands: Moesdistel , Polski: Ostrożeń warzywny , Português: Repolho Thistle , Русский: Бодяк огородный , Svenska: Kåltistel

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The ingredients of cabbage thistle are still not sufficiently known. Traditional natural medicine used cabbage thistle as a decoction again rheumatic complaints and headaches. In small quantities the young leaves can be used as a wild vegetable or as a ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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