Sightings Rank Points
Mushrooms 141 93


Porcelain Fungus
Porcelain Fungus
Golden Pholiota
Bluing Bolete
Deadly Galerina
Yellow-cracked Bolete
Hedgehog Fungus, Common
Ugly Milk Cap
Poison Paxillus
Amethyst Deceiver
Unknown Species
Dotted-stem Bolete
Violet Cort
Violet Cort
Dead Man`s Fingers
Chanterelle, Common
Scaly Earthball
Larch Suillus
Eastern Cauliflower Mushroom
Old Man of the Woods
Shaggy Mane
Velvet-footed Pax
Bitter Bolete
Non-inky Coprinus
Death Cap
Changing Pholiota
Broad-gilled Agaric
Stinkhorn, Common
Stinkhorn, Common
Deadly Galerina
St George`s Mushroom
Pink Crown
Unknown Species
Blue-green Stropharia
Citron Amanita
Fly Agaric
Amethyst Deceiver
Summer Bolete


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