Sightings Rank Points
Mushrooms 98 160


Changing Pholiota
Amethyst Deceiver
Big Laughing Gym
Dotted-stem Bolete
Bitter Bolete
Death Cap
Emetic Russula
Thick-maze Oak polypore
Tinder Polypore
Fleecy Milk Cap
Jersey Cow Bolete
Poison Paxillus
Pestle-shaped Puffball
Red-capped Scaber Stalk
Spring Agaric
Agaricus impudicus
The Blusher
Giant Puffball
Oyster Mushroom
Meadow Agaric
Larch Suillus
Scaly Pholiota
Destructive Pholiota
Summer Bolete
Sulfur Tuft
Oyster Mushroom


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