Lapland Longspur

Scientific name : Calcarius lapponicus
Other names: Български: Лапландска овесарка , Brezhoneg: Brean an toundra , Česky: Strnad severní , Dansk: Lapværling , Deutsch: Spornammer , Esperanto: Laponemberizo , Español: Arnoldo ártico , Eesti: Lapi tsiitsitaja , Suomi: Lapinsirkku , Français: Plectrophane lapon , Magyar: Sarkantyús sármány , Italiano: Zigolo di Lapponia , 日本語: ツメナガホオジロ , Lietuviškai: Pentinuotoji starta , Latviešu: Lapzemes stērste , Nederlands: IJsgors , Norsk (nynorsk): Lappsporv , Norsk: Lappspurv , Polski: Poświerka zwyczajna , Português: Escrevedeira-da-lapónia , Русский: Лапландский подорожник , Svenska: Lappsparv , Türkçe: Lapon çintesi

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Spur buntings have a rust-brown neck, a white belly, black legs and a yellow bill with black tip. The name derives from the very long hind claw, the "spur". The male has a black head with white eye stripe and ...


Lapland Longspur
Lapland Longspur


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