Black-headed Bunting

Scientific name : Emberiza melanocephala
Other names: Български: Черноглава овесарка , Brezhoneg: Brean penn du , Česky: Strnad černohlavý , Dansk: Hætteværling , Deutsch: Kappenammer , Esperanto: Nigrakapa emberizo , Eesti: Mustpea-tsiitsitaja , Suomi: Mustapääsirkku , Français: Bruant mélanocéphale , Magyar: Kucsmás sármány , Italiano: Zigolo capinero , 日本語: ズグロチャキンチョウ , Latviešu: Melngalvas stērste , Nederlands: Zwartkopgors , Norsk: Svarthodespurv , Polski: Trznadel czarnogłowy , Русский: Черноголовая овсянка , Svenska: Svarthuvad sparv , Türkçe: Kara başlı kiraz kuşu , Українська: Вівсянка чорноголова

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In breeding plumage has the male of the Black-headed Bunting a black head, a reddish brown back and a yellow underside. In simple plumage the brown head is similar to the female's head that looks paler than the males and ...


Black-headed Bunting
Black-headed Bunting


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