Thekla Lark

Scientific name : Galerida theklae
Other names: Brezhoneg: Kogenneg-Thekla , Català: Cogullada fosca , Dansk: Theklalærke , Deutsch: Theklalerche , Esperanto: Mallongbeka tufalaŭdo , Español: Cogujada montesina , Basque: Kutturlio mokolabur , Suomi: Kivikkotöyhtökiuru , Français: Cochevis de Thékla , Magyar: Kövi pacsirta , Latviešu: Teklas cīrulis , Nederlands: Theklaleeuwerik , Polski: Dzierlatka iberyjska , Português: Cotovia-montesina , Русский: Короткопалый хохлатый жаворонок , Svenska: Lagerlärka

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Thekla Larks have fan-like bonnets, a straight beak, a dark line under the eyes, a gray-brown upper surface, and a whitish breast dotted with dark stripes. The belly is whitish and has a grayish underside. In the middle of their ...


Thekla Lark
Thekla Lark


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