Calandra Lark

Scientific name : Melanocorypha calandra
Other names: Български: Дебелоклюна чучулига , Brezhoneg: Alc'hweder beg tev , Català: Calàndria , Dansk: Kalanderlærke , Deutsch: Kalanderlerche , Esperanto: Stepalaŭdo , Español: Calandria común , Basque: Kalandria , Suomi: Arokiuru , Français: Alouette calandre , Magyar: Kalandrapacsirta , Italiano: Calandra , Latviešu: Stepes cīrulis , Nederlands: Kalanderleeuwerik , Norsk: Kalanderlerke , Polski: Kalandra szara , Português: Calhandra-real , Русский: Степной жаворонок , Svenska: Kalanderlärka , Türkçe: Boğmaklı toygar

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Short Description

Calandra Lark has black underwing, a white stripe over and behind the eye, a black patch on the chest and a thick yellowish beak. They are brown on top and the bottom is light beige, her tail is very short.


Calandra Lark


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