Aquatic Warbler

Scientific name : Acrocephalus paludicola
Other names: Български: Водно шаварче , Brezhoneg: Rouzegan-dour , Català: Boscarla d'aigua , Česky: Rákosník ostřicový , Dansk: Vandsanger , Deutsch: Seggenrohrsänger , Esperanto: Akvokanbirdo , Español: Carricerín cejudo , Suomi: Sarakerttunen , Français: Phragmite aquatique , Magyar: Csíkosfejű nádiposzáta , Lietuviškai: Meldinė nendrinukė , Latviešu: Grīšļu ķauķis , Nederlands: Waterrietzanger , Norsk: Vannsanger , Polski: Wodniczka (ptak) , Português: Felosa-aquática , Русский: Вертлявая камышовка , Svenska: Vattensångare , Türkçe: Sarı kamışçın , Українська: Очеретянка прудка

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Black markings on the back, wings and secondaries. The breast is black striped. Two broad dark streaks run from the forehead to the nape.


Aquatic Warbler
Aquatic Warbler
Aquatic Warbler


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