Black Wheatear

Scientific name : Oenanthe leucura
Other names: Български: Черно каменарче , Brezhoneg: Bistrak du , Dansk: Sørgestenpikker , Deutsch: Trauersteinschmätzer , Esperanto: Nigra enanto , Español: Collalba negra , Basque: Buztanzuri beltz , Suomi: Mustatasku , Français: Traquet rieur , Magyar: Kormos hantmadár , Latviešu: Melnā čakstīte , Nederlands: Zwarte tapuit , Polski: Białorzytka żałobna , Português: Chasco-preto , Русский: Белохвостая каменка , Svenska: Svart stenskvätta

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Short Description

Male Black Wheatear has a matt black plumage and white under-tail feathers and bright-lined. Females are more brownish black, but also its lower tail is white.


Black Wheatear
Black Wheatear
Black Wheatear


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