Grey-cheeked Thrush

Scientific name : Catharus minimus
Other names: Brezhoneg: Milc'hwid boc'h louet , Dansk: Gråkindet Skovdrossel , Deutsch: Braunkopfmusendrossel , Esperanto: Grizvanga turdo , Español: Zorzal Carigrís , Suomi: Tundrarastas , Français: Grive à joues grises , Nederlands: Grijswangdwerglijster , Norsk: Gråkinnskogtrost , Polski: Drozdek szarolicy , Português: Sabia-de-cara-cinza , Русский: Малый дрозд , Svenska: Gråkindad skogstrast , Українська: Сірощокий дрізд

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Its geographic expansion has a range of 4,170,000 km². It lives at heights from sea level up to 3000m above sea level.


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