California Condor

Scientific name : Gymnogyps californianus
Other names: Български: Калифорнийски кондор , Brezhoneg: Kondor Kalifornia , Català: Còndor de Califòrnia , Česky: Kondor kalifornský , Deutsch: Kalifornischer Kondor , Esperanto: Kalifornia kondoro , Español: Cóndor Californiano , Suomi: Kaliforniankondori , Français: Condor de Californie , Magyar: Kaliforniai kondor , 日本語: カリフォルニアコンドル , Latviešu: Kalifornijas kondors , Nederlands: Californische Condor , Polski: Kondor kalifornijski , Português: Condor-da-califórnia , Русский: Калифорнийский кондор , Svenska: Kalifornisk kondor , Türkçe: Kaliforniya kondoru , Українська: Каліфорнійський кондор

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Its occurrence extends within an area of 203,000 km² and it commonly is present at an altitude between 450m and 2000m.


California Condor
California Condor
California Condor


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