White-rumped Sandpiper

Scientific name : Calidris fuscicollis
Other names: Brezhoneg: Sourouc'han belost gwenn , Català: Territ cuablanc , Česky: Jespák tundrový , Dansk: Hvidrygget Ryle , Deutsch: Weißbürzelstrandläufer , Esperanto: Blankpuga kalidro , Español: Playerito Rabadilla Blanca , Basque: Bonaparte txirri , Suomi: Valkoperäsirri , Français: Bécasseau à croupion blanc , Magyar: Bonaparte-partfutó , Nederlands: Bonapartes Strandloper , Norsk (nynorsk): Bonapartesnipe , Norsk: Bonapartesnipe , Polski: Biegus białorzytny , Português: Macarico de rabadilha branca , Русский: Бонапартов песочник , Svenska: Vitgumpsnäppa , Türkçe: Ak sokumlu kum kuşu

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Its geographic expansion has a range of 419,000 km².

Calidris fuscicollis
Photo: birdimagency.com / Matthew Studebaker

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White-rumped Sandpiper


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