Temminck's Stint

Scientific name : Calidris temminckii
Other names: Български: Сив брегобегач , Brezhoneg: Sourouc'han-Temminck , Català: Territ de Temminck , Česky: Jespák šedý , Dansk: Temmincksryle , Deutsch: Temminckstrandläufer , Esperanto: Blankvosta kalidro , Español: Correlimos de Temminck , Basque: Temminck txirri , Suomi: Lapinsirri , Français: Bécasseau de Temminck , Magyar: Temminck-partfutó , Italiano: Gambecchio nano , 日本語: オジロトウネン , Lietuviškai: Teminko bėgikas , Latviešu: Teminka šņibītis , Nederlands: Temmincks strandloper , Norsk (nynorsk): Temmincksnipe , Norsk: Temmincksnipe , Polski: Biegus mały , Português: Pilrito-de-temminck , Русский: Белохвостый песочник , Svenska: Mosnäppa , Türkçe: Sarı bacaklı kum kuşu

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In breeding plumage the top is light brown with black spots and the underside of the breast looks blotchy, the outer tail feathers are white and the head is brown. The legs are yellowish green, what distinguishes him from the ...


Temminck's Stint


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