Orange Rough-cap Tooth

Scientific name : Hydnellum aurantiacum
Other names: Deutsch: Orangegelber Korkstacheling , Français: Hydnelle orangé , Nederlands: Oranje stekelzwam , Polski: Kolczakówka pomarańczowa , Slovensky: Jelenkovka oranžová

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Cap 3-10cm wide; young whiteish, then yellow-orange to dark brown; often several are grown together, gyroscopic, surface strongly jagged or bumpy, velvety-tometulose. Teeth whiteish, then brown-orange; broadly decurrent. Stipe With cap color; short, velvety. Flesh Orange-brown; consistency suberose; zoned in ...
Author: Dr. Ewald Gerhardt


Orange Rough-cap Tooth
Orange Rough-cap Tooth


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