Coriolopsis trogii

Scientific name : Coriolopsis trogii
Other names: Deutsch: Blasse Borstentramete , Français: Funalie de Trog , Latviešu: Krāšņā sarene , Nederlands: Bleke borstelkurkzwam , Slovenský: Trúdniček “trogii”

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Pores whiteish-cream-colored; pores peripheral, easily seen with naked eye. Flesh When young whiteish, then pale wood-colored; tough-elastic. Season and Habitat January-December; on dead deciduous wood, particularly poplar, willow or copper beech, somewhat keen on warmth; not common. Strategy of Sustaining ...
Author: Dr. Ewald Gerhardt


Coriolopsis trogii
Coriolopsis trogii
Coriolopsis trogii
Coriolopsis trogii


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