Scaly Lentinus

Scientific name : Lentinus lepideus
Other names: Deutsch: Schuppiger Sägeblättling , Español: Lentino escamoso , Français: Lentin élégant , Lietuviškai: Žvynuotasis dantūnis , Latviešu: zvīņainā sīkstene , Polski: Neolentinus lepideus , Slovenský: Húževnatec šupinatý

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Cap 8-20cm wide; usually white or whitish, ocher yellow when old; cap skin breaks into coarse, darkening scales. Gills White, sometimes yellowing; standing apart; with jagged edge; broadly attached to clearly decurrent. Stipe Whitish; scaly. Flesh White; tough- elastic; neutral ...
Author: Dr. Ewald Gerhardt


Scaly Lentinus
Scaly Lentinus
Scaly Lentinus
Scaly Lentinus


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