Magyar agár

Breed name : Magyar agár
Other names: Български: Маджарски агар , Català: Llebrer hongarès , Deutsch: Magyar Agár , Español: Lebrel húngaro , Suomi: Unkarinvinttikoira , Français: Lévrier hongrois , Italiano: Levriero ungherese , 日本語: ハンガリアン・グレイハウンド , Latviešu: ungāru kurts , Nederlands: Hongaarse windhond , Norsk: Ungarsk mynde , Polski: Chart węgierski , Português: Galgo húngaro , Română: Ogar maghiar

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Short Description

The Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound) is a tall, athletic greyhound, who was brought to Hungary over the centuries by various immigrants. He has short, straight hair in various colors (including tri-color). Originally he was bred for battue and coursing, nowadays ...


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