Ardennes Cattle Dog

Breed name : Ardennes Cattle Dog
Other names: Deutsch: Ardennen-Treibhund , Español: Boyero de las Árdenas , Suomi: Ardennienkarjakoira , Français: Bouvier des Ardennes , Magyar: Ardenni pásztorkutya , Italiano: Bovaro delle Ardenne , 日本語: ブービエ・デ・アルデンヌ , Nederlands: Bouvier des Ardennes , Norsk: Bouvier des ardennes , Polski: Bouvier des Ardennes , Português: Boiadeiro das Ardenas , Русский: Арденский бувье , Slovenský: Ardénsky buviér , Svenska: Bouvier des ardennes

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Short Description

The Ardennes Cattle Dog can nowadays be found again in his homeland. For a long time this breed was considered extinct. Ardennes are medium sized herding dogs with coarse, shaggy hair in black or fall colored/black brindled. Their innate stumpy ...


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