Cesky Terrier

Breed name : Cesky Terrier
Other names: Česky: Český teriér , Deutsch: Tschechischer Terrier , Español: Terrier checo , Eesti: Tšehhi terjer , Suomi: Ceskyterrieri , Français: Terrier Tchèque , Magyar: Cseh terrier , Italiano: Terrier boemo , 日本語: チェスキー・テリア , Latviešu: čehu terjers , Nederlands: Ceskyterriër , Polski: Terier czeski , Português: Terrier Checo , Русский: Чешский терьер , Svenska: Ceskyterrier

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Short Description

As a cross between Sealyham and Scottish Terriers, Frantisek Horak created Cesky (Czech) Terriers. These terriers are short-legged with long heads and bushy beards. The wavy, silky coats come in various shades of gray-blue, gray with tan, white or yellow ...


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