Pyrenean Shepherd

Breed name : Pyrenean Shepherd
Other names: Català: Pastor dels Pirineus , Cymraeg: Ci Defaid Pyreneaidd , Deutsch: Pyrenäenschäferhund , Español: Pastor de los Pirineos , Suomi: Pyreneittenpaimenkoira , Français: Berger des Pyrénées , Magyar: Félhosszúszőrű pireneusi juhászkutya , Bahasa Indonesia: Anjing gembala Pirenia , Italiano: Cane da pastore dei Pirenei , Latviešu: Pireneju aitusuns , Nederlands: Pyrenese herdershond , Polski: Owczarek pirenejski , Português: Pastor dos Pirinéus de pelo comprido , Русский: Пиренейская овчарка , Svenska: Berger des pyrénées

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Pyrenean Shepherds are native to the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France. They have been bred since medieval times for herding livestock, especially sheep. Being the smallest of the French herding dogs, they are still full of the same sort of ...


Pyrenean Shepherd
Pyrenean Shepherd
Pyrenean Shepherd


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