Breed name : Borzoi
Other names: Български: Борзая , Català: Borzoi , Česky: Barzoj , Deutsch: Barsoi , Español: Borzoi , Suomi: Venäjänvinttikoira , Français: Borzoi , עברית: בורזוי , Magyar: Orosz agár , Bahasa Indonesia: Borzoi , Italiano: Levriero russo , 日本語: ボルゾイ , 한국어: 보르조이 , Latviešu: krievu kurts , Nederlands: Barzoi (hond) , Norsk: Borzoi , Polski: Borzoj , Português: Borzoi , Română: Barzoi , Русский: Русская псовая борзая , Slovenščina: Borzoj , Svenska: Borzoi , Türkçe: Borzoy

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Short Description

Borzois are large Russian sight hounds that look similar to a number of Middle-Asian breeds, such as the Afghan Hound and the Kyrgyz Taigan. Borzoi can come in almost any color or color combination. The long top-coat is silky and ...




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