Red-cedar (Eastern)

Scientific name : Juniperus virginiana
Other names: Azərbaycan dili: Virciniya ardıcı , Dansk: Blyant-Ene , Deutsch: Wacholder (Virginischer) , Español: Enebro de Virginia , Suomi: Kynäkataja , Français: Cèdre de Virginie , Magyar: Virginiai boróka , Italiano: Cedro della Virginia, Cedro per matite , 日本語: エンピツビャクシン , 한국어: 연필향나무 , Lietuviškai: Virgininis kadagys , Polski: Jałowiec wirginijski , Português: Cedro-da-Virgínia, Cedro de lápis , Русский: Можжевельник виргинский , Slovenský: Borievka virgínska , Türkçe: Kurşun kalem ardıcı

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Eastern Juniper, also called Red Cedar or referring to its use Pencil Cedar, up to 30 m high wintergreen tree with slim, columnar crown; Bark reddish brown, comes off in stripes; Leaves scale-shaped grey-green and needle-shaped in threefold whorls, have ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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