Small-leaved Linden

Scientific name : Tilia cordata
Other names: Català: Til·ler de fulles petites , Česky: Lípa malolistá , Dansk: Småbladet Lind , Deutsch: Winter-Linde , Esperanto: Etfolia tilio , Español: Tilo Norteño , Eesti: Harilik pärn , Basque: Ezkia , Suomi: Metsälehmus, niinipuu , Français: Tilleul à petites feuilles , Magyar: Kislevelű hárs , Íslenska: Linditré , Italiano: Tiglio selvatico , 日本語: コバノシナノキ , Lëtzebuergesch: Wanterlann , Lietuviškai: Mažalapė liepa , Latviešu: Parastā liepa , Nederlands: Kleinbladige linde , Norsk: Lind , Polski: Lipa drobnolistna , Română: Tei pucios , Русский: Липа мелколистная , Slovenský: Lipa malolistá , Svenska: Skogslind , Türkçe: Küçük yapraklı ıhlamur

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Deciduous, up to 30 m high tree with dense, wide, arched crown on strong, straight stem; Alternate leaves, 2-5 cm long stalked, lamina roundish heart-shaped and slightly asymmetrical, up to 8 cm long and almost just as wide, larger only ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Small-leaved Linden
Small-leaved Linden


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