Scientific name : Taxodium distichum
Other names: Català: Xiprer dels pantans , Česky: Tisovec dvouřadý , Dansk: Almindelig Sumpcypres , Deutsch: Sumpfzypresse , Español: Ciprés de los Pantanos , Suomi: Floridansuosypressi , Français: Cyprès chauve , Italiano: Cipresso delle paludi, Cipresso calvo , 日本語: ラクウショウ(落羽松) , Nederlands: Moerascipres , Português: Swamp cipreste , Русский: Таксодиум двурядный , Slovenský: Tisovec dvojradový

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Deciduous, up to 40 m high conifer with cone-shaped, later increasingly widened and open crown; Stem very large at the base, narrows quickly and extends in the crest; Needles flat, soft, up to 2 cm long, bright green, on alternate ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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