Giant Redwood

Scientific name : Sequoia sempervirens
Other names: Български: Гигантска секвоя , Česky: Sekvoj vždyzelená , Dansk: Rødtræ , Deutsch: Küsten-Mammutbaum , Español: Sequoia , Eesti: Ranniksekvoia , Suomi: Punapuu , Français: Séquoia à feuilles d'if , Hrvatski: Obalna sekvoja , Magyar: Örökzöld mamutfenyő , Íslenska: Strandrauðviður , Italiano: Sequoia della California , 日本語: セコイア , Lietuviškai: Visžalė sekvoja , Nederlands: Kustmammoetboom, kustsequoia , Norsk: Kystsequoia , Polski: Sekwoja wieczniezielona , Português: Sequoia vermelha , Slovenský: Sekvoja vždyzelená , Svenska: Amerikansk sekvoja , Türkçe: Kıyı sekoyası

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Wintergreen, up to more than 100 m high conifer, with roundish crown on a long stem; Bark thick, spongy-fibrous, dark brown to brown-red, with deep furrows and long fissures; Needles up to 2 cm long, acyclic arranged on the long ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Giant Redwood


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