Black Poplar

Scientific name : Populus nigra
Other names: Azərbaycanca: Qaraqovaq , Български: Черна топола , Català: Pollancre ver , Česky: Topol černý , Deutsch: Schwarz-Pappel (Gewöhnliche) , Español: Álamo negro , Eesti: Must pappel , Basque: Makal beltz , Suomi: Mustapoppeli , Français: Peuplier noir , Hrvatski: Crna topola , Magyar: Fekete nyárfa , Íslenska: Svartösp , Italiano: Pioppo nero , 日本語: セイヨウハコヤナギ , Lietuviškai: Juodoji tuopa , Nederlands: Zwarte populier , Norsk: Svartpoppel , Polski: Topola czarna , Português: Álamo-negro, Choupo negro , Română: Plop negru , Русский: Тополь чёрный , Slovensky: Topoľ čierny , Svenska: Svartpoppel , Türkçe: Kara kavak

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Deciduous, up to more than 30 m high tree with open, usually very wide crown that grows irregular with older specimens on a straight often somewhat humpy stem, at a later age with a thick, deeply furrowed, dark grey to ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


Black Poplar
Black Poplar
Black Poplar


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