Lodgepole Pine

Scientific name : Pinus contorta
Other names: Česky: Borovice pokroucená , Dansk: Klit-Fyr , Deutsch: Dreh-Kiefer , Eesti: Keerdmänd , Suomi: Kontortamänty , Français: Pin tordu , Íslenska: Stafafura , Norsk: Vrifuru , Polski: Sosna wydmowa , Русский: Cкрученная широкохвойная cосна , Slovenský: Borovica stočená , Svenska: Contortatall

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Wintergreen, up to 25 m high, usually very straight growing conifer with roundish crown that starts very high up on the stem, in some places however also smaller and pointed cone-shaped. Needles in paired bunches, up to 7 cm long, ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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