Atlantic White Cypress

Scientific name : Chamaecyparis thyoides
Other names: Dansk: Hvid Ædelcypres , Deutsch: Weiße Scheinzypresse , Español: Falso ciprés blanco , Français: White cyprès , Italiano: Cipresso bianco , Norsk: Hvit sypress , Polski: Cyprysik żywotnikowaty , Português: Branco cipreste , Slovenský: Cypruštek tujovitý

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Wintergreen, up to 15 m high (sometimes up to 40 m) tree with slim, narrow, usually open crown and with scale-shaped leaves; very slim ramifications, 1 mm thick, fern-like sticking out, green or slightly bluish; scale leaves often with central ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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