White-backed Woodpecker

Scientific name : Dendrocopos leucotos
Other names: Български: Белогръб кълвач , Brezhoneg: Speg kein gwenn , Català: Picot garser dorsblanc , Česky: Strakapoud bělohřbetý , Dansk: Hvidrygget Flagspætte , Deutsch: Weißrückenspecht , Esperanto: Blankdorsa buntpego , Español: Pico dorsiblanco , Eesti: Valgeselg-kirjurähn , Basque: Okil gibelnabar , Suomi: Valkoselkätikka , Français: Pic à dos blanc , Magyar: Fehérhátú fakopáncs , Italiano: Picchio dorsobianco , 日本語: オオアカゲラ , Lietuviškai: Baltnugaris genys , Latviešu: Baltmugurdzenis , Nederlands: Witrugspecht , Norsk (nynorsk): Kvitryggspett , Norsk: Hvitryggspett , Polski: Dzięcioł białogrzbiety , Русский: Белоспинный дятел , Svenska: Vitryggig hackspett , Türkçe: Ak sırtlı ağaçkakan , Українська: Дятел білоспинний

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In males, the crown to the back of the head is bright red whereas in females it is a shiny black color. Both sexes have a yellowish forehead area above the beak edge. The upper back is black. The lower ...


White-backed Woodpecker
White-backed Woodpecker
White-backed Woodpecker
White-backed Woodpecker


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