Corn Salad

Scientific name : Valerianella locusta
Other names: Deutsch: Feldsalat (Gewöhnlicher) , Español: Canónigo , Eesti: Põldkännak , Suomi: Vuonankaali , Français: Mâche , Hrvatski: Matovilac , Magyar: salátagalambbegy, galambbegy, madársaláta, mezeisaláta , Italiano: Insalata di mais comune , 日本語: ノヂシャ(野萵苣) , Lietuviškai: Salotinė sultenė , Latviešu: Salātu baldriņš , Nederlands: Veldsla , Polski: Roszponka warzywna , Português: Salada de milho comum , Русский: Полевой салат , Svenska: Vårklynne

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Variety-rich, inconspicuous, annual plant with prostrate rosette leaves and upright, mostly forked branched, 5-20cm high stems; opposite leaves on stem, paddle- or spatulate-shaped to reverse ovate, light or dark green, predominantly smooth edges or irregularly notched, bare, very small flowers, ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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