Cow Parsley

Scientific name : Anthriscus sylvestris
Other names: Česky: Kerblík lesní , Deutsch: Wiesen-Kerbel , Esperanto: Arbara antrisko , Español: Perifollo verde , Eesti: Mets-harakputk , Suomi: Koiranputki , Français: Cerfeuil sauvage , Italiano: Mucca prezzemolo , Lietuviškai: Krūminis builis , Latviešu: Meža suņburkšķis , Nederlands: Fluitenkruid , Norsk: Hundekjeks , Polski: Trybula leśna , Português: Salsa Vaca , Русский: Купырь лесной , Svenska: Hundkäx

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Occurs in various forms, biennial or perennial plant, 50-150cm high, with upright, branched, angularly corrugated, hollow stems, slightly rough bristle hairs only at the base, rough, never has reddish spots, 2 to 3 pinnated leaves, lanceolate leaves, glossy dark green ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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