Bitter Cress

Scientific name : Cardamine amara
Other names: Dansk: Springklap , Deutsch: Bitteres Schaumkraut , Español: Berro amargo , Eesti: Mõru jürilill , Suomi: Purolitukka , Français: Cardamine amère , Italiano: Bitter crescione , Lietuviškai: Karčioji kartenė , Latviešu: Rūgtā ķērsa , Nederlands: Bittere veldkers , Polski: Rzeżucha gorzka , Português: Agrião amargo , Русский: Сердечник горький , Svenska: Bäckbräsma

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Short Description

Perennial, up to 40cm tall plant with upright, hexagonal, pithy and leafy stems, basal leaves not arranged like rosette, all leaves are lush green, somewhat fleshy, with 3-5 pairs of sinous-lobed leaflets, end leaflet is especially large, tastes particularly bitter, ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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