White Bryony

Scientific name : Bryonia alba
Other names: Dansk: Enbo Galdebær , Deutsch: Weiße Zaunrübe , Español: Blanco Bryony , Eesti: Harilik koeranaeris , Français: Bryone blanche , Italiano: White Bryony , Lietuviškai: Baltoji brienė , Latviešu: Baltā sētvija , Polski: Przestęp biały , Português: White Bryony , Русский: Переступень белый , Slovenský: Posed biely , Svenska: Hundrova

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Perennial creeper, reaches approximately 2-4m height, thin stems, climbs with unbranched, first straight but after contact with the growth substrate spirally twisted leaf tendrils, alternate leaves, quite unequal 5-lobed, central lobes are much longer than the lateral, sharp serrated, bristly ...
Author: Bruno P. Kremer


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